Stern Correspondent: 4 Most Buzzed About Classes at Stern

Choosing courses and planning for a concentration can be one of the most daunting parts of starting college. Not only does it seem like there are limitless choices, but it is difficult to find the ones that are useful and make you want to get out of bed in the morning. Here is a roundup of a few that I constantly hear about around campus — and some from experience — that satisfy those cravings of utility and amusement.


If you are interested in entering the finance industry, this class is a MUST. It does not get into the nitty-gritty quantitative modeling, but rather focuses on the structure of the industry and all its different business models. From boutique hedge funds to the biggest banks, the professor teaches students how these firms operate and make money. But most importantly, you learn why they make certain decisions and how it affects the industry as a whole.

(Note: I am currently enrolled in this course.)


At Stern, they emphasize the importance of balancing coursework to incorporate both business and non-business coursework. At NYU as a whole, this is probably the most talked about elective. The course is true to its name — students are taught about all the factors that lead to a happy, healthy lifestyle, especially catered to their time at college. And, in my opinion, what is most unique about this class is how it links students from all majors and creates a safe environment for sharing. You learn a lot about yourself but more importantly, you learn about others and what makes them different through their personality attributes. As noted in my bio, this is one of my all-time favorite courses because it changed my outlook on life (as cheesy as that may be).


One of the biggest benefits of being at NYU is the amazing talent in so many different industries, especially in music and the arts. For that reason, many Stern students find taking a music class as a nice outlet and break from the challenging qualitative and quantitative coursework. It is beneficial to one’s mental health and overall well-being to do something creative, so why not learn a new instrument or how to sing to fulfill that need? Plus, it is a less demanding course and can be used as an non-Stern elective (which are requirements for the curriculum). Every one of my friends that has taken this elective raves about it.


No matter your career path or industry you decide to join, one thing is certain: you will have to know how to communicate through disagreements. For that reason, every student who has taken the course, recommends it. The professor takes students through a new case negotiation every week where you partner with a student and talk through a disagreement or a contract. She uses this practice to teach students how to adapt their communication techniques based on their own negotiating styles. Each class, students walk away knowing more about how to reach an agreement without upsetting the opposite party. This is a tool that everyone can benefit from.

(Note: I am currently enrolled in this course.)


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