Stern Correspondent: ‘New Semester, New Opportunities’ Say Stern Undergrads

NYU Stern School of Business – Ethan Baron photo

With every new semester, the NYU campus seems to come alive again with eager students. Sometimes the reason for this aura can be hard to put into words. So, I thought what better way to capture those feelings than by asking some NYU Stern students what they look forward to most at the start of every semester.

Stella Park: “Every semester, when I come back to Stern I’m reminded of how lucky I am to attend a school full of such a diverse range of intelligent, hard-working students. I’m surrounded by people who motivate me to achieve my fullest potential and I’m grateful to be able to work alongside my peers (including people like Alex!).”

Sindhu Immidisetty: “My favorite part of coming back to Stern is seeing all the familiar faces and hearing about everyone’s breaks. Because Stern is a relatively small part of the larger NYU community, I feel like we’re pretty tight-knit. So it’s always great to see everyone again and re-adjust to campus life together!”

Jugal Joshi: “Returning to Stern after a much-needed break, I love to review newsletters for upcoming events which I find particularly interesting. One of my favorite parts of Stern is attending events and conferences alongside accomplished guest speakers and attendees. These events focus on a variety of topics ranging from business and technology to the start-up ecosystem and the health industry and beyond. This semester, I’m looking forward to a panel on Corporate Sustainability Leadership trends featuring leaders from PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and S.C. Johnson.”

Zach West: “I love coming back to the vibrant community and hearing about all of the amazing things some of my peers are up to. And I love coming back to all of the amazing opportunities this school puts in front of me like participating in one of my favorite student organizations: SEAD (Supporting Excellence and Advocating Diversity).

And finally, for myself, the thing I look forward to the most with the start of each semester are the limitless possibilities. From student-run conferences, to new internship postings or even meeting new professors that could have a life-changing effect on your career, there are so many ways for the semester to be the best one yet. In my experience, the only way to make sure each one is better than the last, is to keep an open-mind and go into each new term with a positive outlook.  


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