Top Business Majors Name Their Favorite Professors

Max Bonnachi

Max Bonnachi

Live Their Values

“My favorite professor is Simon Greathead, who teaches global business negotiations. Professor Greathead has the ability to bring real life into the classroom. It is evident that he is passionate about what he teaches, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of what is most important, which is his family and religion.”  – McKenzi McDonald, Brigham Young University (Marriott)

Massimiliano (Max) Bonacchi. Even though I’ve never taken a class with him, I was fortunate enough to be his Teaching Assistant. His passion for accounting is evident through the way he teaches, but that is not uncommon amongst professors at NYU Stern. It is his willingness to engage students beyond the classroom (and office hours) that makes him extra special. Max is a humble professor. He treats students as equals to whom he can teach accounting and from whom he can learn lessons. Students also call him the most well-dressed professor. Now, how many accounting professors can boast of this?” – Teri Tan, New York University (Stern)


Passionate About What They Do

“While I have had several incredible professors, Amy LaCombe is my favorite professor. I was lucky enough to be placed in her Portico (business ethics) class my freshman year and she has been my unofficial advisor ever since. She has a contagious, optimistic outlook and truly shows her passion for teaching through her classes. I also had the opportunity to take her Financial Accounting class and become one of her teaching assistants for Portico in my senior year. Working with her this year has been a pleasure and I know we will keep in touch after I graduate.” – Marissa Giannetto, Boston College (Carroll)

Allison Burdette

Allison Burdette

Allison Burdette (Business Law). Besides the fact that she is brilliant, I really appreciate the passion and creativity that she brings to class.” – Brandon Walker, Emory University (Goizueta)

Professor Mark Laplante is the most captivating, genuine, and talented educator I’ve had the opportunity to learn from. In 2014, I enrolled in his introductory finance course during his first semester on campus. What struck me most was how he managed to articulate the value his material held for every student, regardless of future career goals. He prepared for every minute of lecture, almost as if he had rehearsed the most effective way to deliver key points, ensuring they were memorable beyond his incredibly demanding final exam. Completing his course was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at the University of Wisconsin.” – Drew Marx, University of Wisconsin

Professor Laurence Ales is my favorite professor because he is always energetic and passionate during his lectures.” – Rachel Fowler, Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

“It would be Israel Shaked (FE449 – Corporate Financial Management). It is clear that he is passionate about the subject as well as very knowledgeable and up to date.” – Jose de la Puente, Boston College (Carroll)


Prepares Students For the Real World

Wesley Longhofer

Wesley Longhofer

“I have been very fortunate to attend Goizueta, a school with outstanding faculty. Of all of the great professors I have worked with, Wesley Longhofer has been my favorite. Through the combination of the content of his courses and his teaching style, I have been able to develop an appreciation for the importance of ethical and mindful business. I had the privilege to travel with a class led by Wes to Nicaragua to learn firsthand the impact of enterprises on environmental and social issues around the world.” – Max Mayblum, Emory University (Goizueta)

George Pinteris (Corporate III) is my favorite professor, because he encourages students to think for themselves and justify their answers. He pushes us to step away from the details and think about the big picture and how we contribute to it. Also, he has a vast knowledge about the finance world and shares his experiences with us so that we may avoid making common mistakes.”  –Ajeed Osman, Ohio State University (Fisher)

Michael Brandl is my favorite professor and the head of the Honors Cohort Program. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Professor Brandl for two seminar classes during my junior year, during which I received a unique undergraduate experience that is comparable to graduate level coursework. He created a dynamic classroom atmosphere, taught me about entrepreneurship and leadership, and challenged me in my writing skills and my ability to think critically and analytically.”  Emmi Banner, Ohio State University (Fisher)

Cort Worthington. He taught my “Leadership and Personal Development” and “Improvisation and Leadership” courses. I learned from him the importance of being a vulnerable leader, identifying and learning about my strength in connecting with others, and understanding the importance of active listening and being present in the moment.” – Rupinderpal Singh Grewal, University of California, Berkeley (Haas)


Open Up New Doors

Dr. James Otteson

Dr. James Otteson

Professor Patricia Fairfield has been one of my favorite professors at Georgetown, and more specifically in the McDonough School of Business. The intersection of the classroom and real world application is crucial in any business course and Professor Fairfield always went beyond just teaching the textbook material. She constantly helped me see the value of my accounting degree and how I could apply what I have learned in a professional setting, which should be the core mission of any business course.”  – Vaibhav Agarwal, Georgetown University (McDonough)

“My favorite professor is Dr. Lee Walker, from my Plan II freshmen seminar course called Pathways to Civic Engagement. Before spring of 2013, I perceived my two honors programs to be very different. There was Plan II Honors, ‘an education for a life, not a living,’ and Business Honors, which was then effectively left as the one for a living. But spending every class talking to social entrepreneurs and visiting with amazing social impact organizations around Austin opened my eyes to how the phrase is a misnomer; business and social impart are not distinct goals but perfectly compatible and arguably extremely synergistic. I was so moved from this concept that I am actually now pursuing a thesis in the topic of social business, where I still get to work with Dr. Walker weekly as my research supervisor and thesis reader.” – Rachael Huynh, University of Texas (McCombs) 

“There are too many to count, but if I can only pick one, I would have to say Dr. James Otteson. Dr. Otteson challenged my understanding of what it meant to study business, be an ethical business leader, and understand the power that business has to do good.” – Austin Evers, Wake Forest University

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