Top Business Majors Name Their Favorite Professors

Makes Difficult Concepts Real

Tammy Feldman

Tammy Feldman

“My favorite professor is Laura Wang, who teaches Accounting Control Systems. Right away, you can tell that she knows what she’s talking about. She is a fantastic professor, and I can actually understand how she breaks down a problem to explain it piece-by-piece. She also has experience working in a large public accounting firm, so she will let us know how what we learn can be applied in real life. I have a lot of respect for her as a person and as a professor.”  – Monica Chen, University of Illinois

Tammy Feldman: She had the ability to balance being an incredibly effective teacher who really made a point to tie concepts back to the real world so we understood the implications of classroom material while also being very receptive to student needs. She was also such a relatable teacher who people felt comfortable speaking with both inside and outside the classroom.”  – Reetika Purohit, University of Michigan (Ross)

“I have taken two classes with my favorite professor, and I really enjoy her teaching style and how accessible she is. She is great at explaining very complex theories and problems. This professor transmits not only knowledge, but also excitement towards the areas she likes and a way of thinking that goes beyond the course she teaches. I am grateful for the time she takes answering questions and for sharing her work experience with us. I truly see Professor Margaret Forster as a role model.” – Carolina Gutierrez, University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)

“My favorite professor is probably Professor David Lehman: He was able to apply his lessons in an unforgettable way.”  — Ben Cunningham, University of Virginia (Mcintire)

Challenge Students To Give Their Best

“This is a tough call as I have enjoyed classes with numerous excellent professors. However, McIntire School of Commerce’s Brad Brown stands out as a favorite who has also had the greatest impact on my course of study. In each of my courses with Professor Brown, he has encouraged me to explore topics that I am interested in beyond the constructs of the classroom. He has encouraged me to seek high impact professional opportunities and challenge my understanding of conventional norms. I am grateful for his support and guidance.”  — Faith Lyons, University of Virginia (Mcintire)

Can’t Choose Just One Professor

Byron Craig

Byron Craig

“Every professor I’ve ever had at the Kelley School of Business has taught me a valuable lesson about life and I respect each and every one of them for it. Richard Shockley taught me to embrace the power of being a quiet leader. Julianne Mora forced me to identify and reflect on which traits I wanted to be known for. Byron Craig encouraged me to pursue research and analytically challenging endeavors. Eric Johnson inspired me to motivate others. Darryl Neher pushed me to continuously improve even when my skill-sets surpassed expectations. Ellie Kreft demonstrated the importance and ability to express oneself fully in their occupation and every day life. Steven Kreft encouraged me to leverage the unexpected. And Siri Terjesen showcased the acceptability of being a multifaceted individual. I don’t have a favorite professor, I have many.”  – Ashley Martinez, Indiana University (Kelley)

“Fortunately Smeal has blessed me with a great set of professors that it is impossible to pick just one. On draft day though, some notable first round picks would be Brian Davis (Finance), Dave Winterich (Marketing), Ron Johnson (Management), and Brent Moritz (Supply Chain). All of them are unique from every other professor that I’ve had in that they teach real-world knowledge of their areas and not just what the textbook says. They go out of their way to engage their students in class even though they don’t have to. That being said, their classes are the ones that taught me skills that I was able to apply in all of my professional experiences. While in some other classes, I might just learn the material to ace an exam and then forget about it forever, their lessons stick and for good reason.

On top of that, these are professors who truly support and believe in whatever ambitions their students have. To be successful in business, you don’t just need to go Big 4 or Wall Street. They are a huge reason I continue with my other entrepreneurial ventures alongside my college and professional career. I feel privileged to consider these guys more than just instructors. If I ever need to just talk about life, their office hours are thankfully always open.” – Malik Elarbi, Penn State University (Smeal)


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