2019 Best & Brightest: Kety Bloch, University of Washington (Foster)

Kety Bloch

University of Washington, Foster School of Business

“A food enthusiast, optimist, and challenge-seeker who hopes to experience life in all seven continents!”

Fun fact about yourself: I made Tagliatelle pasta from scratch while living in a Tuscan villa

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

High School: Inglemoor High School

Major: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing

Minor: Sales

Favorite Business Course: Consumer Behavior

Extracurricular Activities, Community Work and Leadership Roles During College:

  • Vice President of Mentorship at the Foster School of Business
  • Member of the Undergraduate Business Council at the Foster School of Business
  • Lothrop Scholarship Recipient 2017
  • PSP Children’s Foundation Scholarship Recipient 2018
  • Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society Member
  • Core Consultant for the Business Impact Group
  • Outreach Coordinator Chair and Volunteer for the UW Pantry
  • Member of Kappa Delta Sorority
  • Global Social Ambassador for the Foster School of Business
  • Girl Scout Activities Coordinator Chair on the behalf of Kappa Delta

Where have you interned during your college career?

  • Strategy Management Program Assistant at UW’s VP of Finance and Administration Office, Seattle
  • Finance and Facilities Assistant at Foster School of Business’ Dean’s Office, Seattle
  • Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Consulting Intern, Protiviti, Seattle
  • Events Assistant for CoMotion Innovation Labs, Seattle

Where will you be working after graduation? I will be joining Protiviti’s Consulting Team as an Intro Consultant.

What company do you admire most? I admire the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I find that the company is the perfect crossover between business and philanthropy. I admire their dedication to bettering the quality of life through multiple channels, specifically nutrition. Food is at the epicenter of human health, which the Foundation addresses wholeheartedly. By 2020, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to prevent 1.8 million malnutrition-related deaths. I am inspired by these efforts and hope to make a lasting impact to that caliber.

Who is your favorite professor? I had multiple professors who have been instrumental in my continued growth. However, one professor who particularly stands out is Professor Bauer, my English professor during my freshman year. I have always enjoyed writing but acknowledged that there were areas of improvement. Pursuing a degree in higher education, I was nervous about my writing capabilities and how they would translate into a college setting. Professor Bauer always pushed me to dig deeper into my analysis and ask the less obvious and more meaningful questions. Not only did she help me shift my approach to writing, but she also helped me shift my thinking. Being able to articulate and formulate your thoughts on paper is a critical skill; Professor Bauer helped me develop it.

What did you enjoy most about your business school? The sense of community and support. Though the business school offers several options ranging from the clubs you can join, concentrations you can focus on, or programs/certificates you can partake in, there is a sense of “togetherness” that continues to persist. There are many avenues that you can choose within the business school, but you will always find a familiar face.

What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business? It houses a lot of ambitious students who are seeking to make a change in the world. It is not just about making money or making a name for yourself, it is about utilizing your business skills to create a better quality of life for others. I am constantly inspired by the people in the business school and learn something new every day, not just from my professors and advisors, but from my peers.

What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? I would advise the student to get involved. It is one thing to go to school, do great in your classes, and have a job. Having a leadership position in your business school creates a very different learning opportunity while giving you exposure to a very supportive and ambitious community.

What has surprised you most about majoring in business? Business is a very encompassing field and there is no “one way” of doing it. When starting at the business school, I was under the impression that it was a highly structured field. As a senior, I realize that it is just as much about creativity as it is anything else.

“If I didn’t major in business, I would be majoring in or studying…International Studies. I find the cross-over between cultures and countries to be extremely fascinating. This field is especially prevalent in our globalized world. I thoroughly enjoy learning about others and celebrating the importance of diversity.”

Who most influenced your decision to pursue business in college? Mr. Rockwood, my DECA teacher in high school. DECA is an organization for high school students that works to instill critical business skills in young adults. During my time in DECA, I competed in the professional selling sector, earning national recognition. None of this would have been possible if it was not for Mr. Rockwood’s constant support and encouragement. I loved the adrenaline of working through business problems and presenting the solution to judges. I took this new-found appreciation for business and applied to the Foster School of Business. I continue to love working through business problems in hopes of creating long-lasting and sustainable solutions.

Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? I am proud of putting myself through college despite financial barriers. Though it posed a fair amount of challenges, it taught me a lot about time management, the importance of prioritizing, and making the most of my free time.

Which classmate do you most admire? A classmate that I admire most is Zoraida. Zoraida is the kind of peer that is always quick to help other students out. Zoraida is both textbook smart as well as emotionally intelligent. She truly cares about reaching her full potential, while assisting others in doing the same. She always has a smile on her face despite what may be going on in her personal life. I am thankful for Zoraida as a classmate and a friend.

Who would you most want to thank for your success?  When it comes to personal success, I am most thankful for my mom’s support. She taught me resilience and relishing in the little things. Despite the situation I was in, she always helped me see the positive in it. Remaining optimistic has been a critical skill that I have developed, and I owe it all to my mom.

What are the top two items on your bucket list? I would love to see the Northern Lights in Alaska and road trip across the United States.

What are your hobbies? I love to stay active and spend time outdoors. Washington offers several stunning hikes, especially near the Olympic National Forest and Mount Rainier. I also love to tackle new recipes and try new cuisines I am not familiar with.

What made Kety such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2019?  

“I wanted to take the chance to share information about Kety Bloch. She’s an outstanding student who has served the Foster community through a variety of roles. She’s studying Marketing and Data Analytics as well as pursuing the Professional Sales Certificate. She not only performs super well academically (8 quarters on the Dean’s List), but she has been involved on campus and volunteers off campus. And, she’s done all of it while working to pay for school herself.

She is one of the most impressive students I’ve worked with. She’s worldly (has actually lived in multiple countries) and has a wise, global outlook on the world. She is responsible and one of the hardest workers I’ve seen.  She’s a gem.”

Krista Jacobs
Program Manager of Student Leadership and Development

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