FBLA Profile: Niel Patel, A Hedge Fund Future

FBLA President Niel Patel

Niel Patel

High School: Crest Ridge High School (Missouri)

Leadership Position in FBLA: FBLA National President

Tell us your most memorable FBLA experience: Ever since I became FBLA National President I was looking forward to connecting with members across the country. As my first conference, I was invited to the Rhode Island Annual Fall Conference. While I sat in the audience, the Vice President of Fidelity Investments changed my perspective of business in one sentence. “Business is not just about making a profit, but it’s also about making a difference.”

What attracts you to a career in business: In our capitalist world, business is incorporated in the lives of every individual. This being said, the everyday individual does not entirely comprehend how games theory is utilized as a pricing strategy for consumer firms. Therefore sharing my knowledge of finance to help the people of this world live a stable lifestyle brings me great satisfaction.

What colleges do you plan to target for your education: University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and New York University

Name someone in business you greatly admire and why: Beginning her journey as a fast food employee, Urmila Patel truly embodies the phrase “starting from scratch.” With each common job she opened her mind to understand the aspects that are incorporated to execute a successful business.

Initiating her career as a businesswomen she purchased Skyhaven Fastop & Motel. After years of successful business operations she diversified her business portfolio and stands today with the financial stability to provide her family with a happy life. I’m proud to be the son of a true business inspiration.

What’s your favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Name your favorite book and/or movie: Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner

If there is one thing you could change about business what would it be: I believe it is the obligation of a successful person to help others reach success. Unfortunately the world of business does not always embody this attitude. I would like to change the dynamic of the business mentality to help promote general welfare.

In 20 years where would you most like to be (industry, company, title): I would like to be a hedge fund manager of a premier investment group such as BridgeWater Associates.

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