The Favorite Professors of Business Majors

Seton Hall University’s Kurt W. Rotthoff

Bill Mains stands out from the crowd. Bill was one of the first people I met on campus as a first-year student. Since then, he has been a mentor, a role model, and a friend. He cares passionately not only about in-the-classroom experiences, but also how we develop as scholars and leaders away from desks. He strives to give every student the opportunity to explore sustainable business and encourages us all to get Vitamin N(ature) into our lives.”
Eoin Lyons, Santa Clara University (Leavey)

“Passionate, knowledgeable, funny, and personable. Ph.D. Economist Kurt W. Rotthoff is the advisor for all Economic majors and he is my favorite professor at the Stillman School of Business. He is truly the heart and soul of the department and demonstrates it by bringing energy and authenticity to every class.

Professor Rotthoff uses a structured technique to teaching, relying only on one page of written notes to break down heavy technical economic topics while keeping students entertained with his dad jokes. However, what truly makes him my favorite professor is his efforts on encouraging students to follow their passion.”
Alonso Alfredo Arbulu Arenas, Seton Hall University (Stillman)

“My favorite Professor is Mark Shapiro of the Business Law Department. In his class BSL 212, we learned about the complexities of business contracts and the types of requirements that make them valid. Beyond teaching the basics of these contracts, Dr. Shapiro would write specific cases involving each of the requirements based on real life cases that dealt with these issues. One particular case was whether or not a South Florida man could uphold a contract for a yacht he had just bought from his friend – with the “formal agreement” being written out on a napkin from a local bar. The question was the “napkin” agreement binding? Shapiro put a strong emphasis on discussion, which helped students come to their own conclusion while improving on verbal reasoning and analytical thinking. His approach was not a cookie-cutter approach to understanding how contracts work. You had to put yourself into the shoes of the man and his friend who were affected by the contract and that helped us see all the gray areas that are part of every transaction.”
Kyle Kingma, University of Miami

University of Washington’s Kira Schabram

“Professor Lucien Bass is one of my favorite professors because his experience in teaching students is so evident. He really understands how we learn best and what we’re going through as students. He is also absolutely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to not only global business, negotiations, and marketing but also life in general. I became a better, more socially and culturally aware person through being challenged in his class and I am very thankful for that.”
Anant Das, University of Virginia (Darden)

Kira Schabram – Professor Schabram is a professor who has changed the way students view leadership and organizational behavior, an inspiration and mentor to many, and an ally for minority and inclusion efforts. She utilizes relevant examples to promote productive conversations that help students build confidence in their ideas and perspectives. Beyond the stimulating topics, she provides students with activities that push students’ minds to think differently while working in teams and at the end of every class we knew we had gained a new perspective. Professor Schabram is a prime example of a professor who seeks purpose and fulfillment in impacting students’ lives.”
Ale Flores, University of Washington (Foster)

“My favorite professor is Cynthia Tessien. Professor Tessien not only taught the concepts essential to developing an understanding of managerial accounting, she also made sure to teach why they were important by providing examples driven by her own experience in industry. Not only this, but Professor Tessien facilitated the class as a conversation, encouraging participation from members of the class, making the group grow closer by helping one another solve complex problems. Professor Tessien always made it clear that in addition to being our professor, she was also a resource for all things career and life, and I have loved having her help immensely in both capacities.”
Robert Knight, Wake Forest University

University of Wisconsin’s Tom O’Guinn

Professor Katherine Guthrie has been my favorite professor because she made the class challenging yet very engaging. She was willing to help everyone and made herself available outside the classroom to help on assignments and everyday life challenges. She also led the study abroad program I was a part of and set up incredible chances to meet business professionals all over Singapore and Hong Kong. She’s hilarious and makes finance fun.”
Mary Sell, College of William & Mary (Mason)

“My favorite professor is Tom O’Guinn, who also taught my favorite class, Brand Management & Strategy. Tom always made class entertaining because of his goofy and laid-back personality, but also because he is the most enticing story-teller. He has such incredible knowledge and history with well-known brands and he brought these experiences to life in the classroom. You could always tell he loved teaching and truly cared about us, not only students but as people. I think as a business student we often get bogged down in our professional endeavors, but our last class he told us, “You are not defined by your career.” I’ll never forget that.
Ellie Brockman, University of Wisconsin

Tom O’Guinn – Taking a class with Tom isn’t about cramming to memorize frameworks and case studies. Instead, his brand management class is an honest analysis of marketing through the ages to understand where marketers succeeded and failed – sometimes in big ways. He instills a strong sense of responsibility in our work that carries us into our careers.”
Anders Larsen, University of Wisconsin






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