The Favorite Professors of Business Majors

Emory University’s Wesley Longhofer

Dr. Nawar Chaker has been my favorite professor at Elon. His holistic approach to teaching centered around application of the class material through sales role-plays, film clip analysis, and industry speakers. More notably, Dr. Chaker has served as a professional resource, actively working to help connect students with recruiters and professional opportunities that align with their interests. The deep interest Dr. Chaker places in student success, both in and out of the classroom, embodies what it means to be an educator at Elon University.”
Max Pivonka, Elon University

Wesley Longhofer engages with students based on shared curiosity and compassion. In his Business & Society class, he says that business schools can be catalysts for social change, but he isn’t sure how yet. In my opinion, it’s his thoughtful teaching style and challenge of business as usual that inspires and actuates social change. His classroom provides a space for students to brainstorm audacious solutions to systemic problems and think about our role as future business leaders. He takes the time to understand his students and support individual journeys, providing (kind of) laughable dad jokes along the way.” Ashwini Krishnamurthy, Emory University (Goizueta)

Dr. David Mustard, who taught my honors principles of microeconomics class, is my favorite professor. Aside from being a renowned crime and education economist, he is hands-down one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. From the get-go, he set about tying in real-world examples of economic phenomena (including racial discrimination in medical education, the elasticity of tobacco demand, the economics of organ donation, and antitrust allegations against Ivy League admissions committees). I’ll never forget his 5 Rules for Who Bears the Burden of Taxation and one particular story featuring FBI agents bursting into his office waving badges and guns.

A couple of summers ago, I got to study at the London School of Economics for 6 weeks. While there, I went to a seminar on crime economics by one of the world’s foremost experts in the field. He presented three seminal papers in the field, one of which I was already familiar with: Dr. Mustard’s!”
Chip Chambers, University of Georgia (Terry)

University of Richmond’s Andrea Waddle

Dr. Andrea Waddle has been a mentor and a friend since I first took her for macroeconomics during my freshman year. She has always pushed me to be a better student and would let me sit in her office for hours until I was able to work out the homework problems. As a mentor she has always pointed me in the right direction when I’m in need of guidance. Thank you for encouraging me in all I have done!”
Jessica Wilson, University of Richmond (Robins)

“When I walked into Professor Phil Anderson‘s BADM 449 (Business Policy and Strategy) class, I was not expecting to like it very much. Because it was a strict no-technology class, I thought that it would be boring and unengaging, so imagine my surprise when a super energetic teacher bounded to the front of the room on the first day of class. He was so engaging and interesting and BADM 449 quickly became my favorite class. Rather than the no-tech policy being a negative, it was a huge positive because we all engaged with each other every class and had great discussions. Professor Anderson made sure everyone participated and was engaged in the class, and it made for a wonderful semester. Plus, he would bring us snacks from Trader Joe’s every week, which we very much appreciated. He also runs marathons. In fact, his marathon running inspired me to begin training for my first marathon, which I’m planning to run at the end of April! He is definitely one of my favorite professors that I’ve had in college because of the energy and passion he brought to every class, and I’m so glad that he was my instructor for BADM 449.”
Erica Hackett, University of Illinois (Gies)

“Professor Bruce Weinberg, Chair of the Isenberg Marketing Department, has been an incredible professor and mentor during my time at UMass Amherst. Professor Weinberg delivers course lectures that radiate passion and excitement. He focuses on building the “whole student” who is equipped to be successful not only professionally, but also in life. Additionally, Professor Weinberg has been an invaluable source of guidance and support in my professional endeavors. He mentored myself and three other students to compete and win a national marketing case competition against 220 university teams. In short, Professor Weinberg has taught me how to thrive!”
Kyle Pandiscio, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)

Sherri Henry. She has always put her students first, making sure that they truly understand all material, even if it means putting in extra hours. Ms. Henry has helped to guide me in and out of the classroom at MSU to develop into a successful business student.”
Hannah Ahluwalia, Michigan State (Broad)

University of Pittsburgh’s Eugenia Wu

Eugenia Wu stands out as one of the best professors I’ve had during my time at Pitt Business. She is patient and kind, always prepared and genuinely loves the work that she does. Professor Wu is in tune with her students, carefully selecting examples for class that are relevant and interesting. She’s receptive to feedback and is more than willing to offer additional assistance to any student who asks. I hope everyone has a professor like Eugenia Wu at some point in their college career!”
Katie Schuchman, University of Pittsburgh

“I’m grateful for all my professors in Carlson who have believed and invested in me. I’m especially thankful for Professor John Molloy, with whom I’ve taken two Finance courses. He takes time to get to know his students: their academic interests, career goals, and personal passions. His investment in my development far exceeds the academic curriculum covered in his classes. He always utilizes class, office hours, and even hallway conversations as an opportunity to push me to become a more holistic student. I am continually learning new lessons from him – both Finance and life lessons.”
Simran Mishra, University of Minnesota (Carlson)

“My favorite professor is Dr. Larry Chavis. He is deeply invested in the academic and personal development of his students and is passionate about his work. Dr. Chavis led a Global Immersion elective class to Southeast Asia that I was fortunate to attend. This class was my first taste of international travel and opened my eyes to the challenges and rewards of running a business in a developing economy. Furthermore, Dr. Chavis is a fellow member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina. Dylan Brooks, University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)

“I most admire Professor Kevin Lyons. He does not believe in traditional ways of teaching students. Instead of readings or papers, he assigned actual work documents such as a request for proposal for homework. In this way, we were able to see what an actual request for proposal looked like and gained experience working on one. I love his focus on application of skills and knowledge because I learn best through this method.”
Elaine Lee, Rutgers University (New Brunswick)

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