The Happiest Cities, Jobs, And Employers For Young Professionals

Bank of America boasts the happiest recent-graduate employees (Photo: Mike Mozart)

Bank of America boasts the happiest recent-graduate employees (Photo: Mike Mozart)

The Happiest Companies to Work For

How is this for irony? While Silicon Valley may be the destination for business grads, the highest-ranked companies are generally established firms far away from America’s “tech basket.”

Those were CareerBliss’ findings when it comes to the “Happiest Companies to Work For.” Here, CareerBliss applied the same methodology for companies as they did for jobs (i.e. relationship with boss and peers, professional growth opportunities, corporate culture, responsibilities, etc.). Evaluating 15,000 reviews covering nearly 8,000 companies, CareerBliss found that Bank of America ranked highest among employees.

On CareerBliss’ five-star rating system, where five is excellent and one is poor, 693 out of 876 respondents gave Bank of America a score of four stars or above. The company ranked highest on the quality of peers (4.4) and management (4.2) – and lowest on growth opportunities (3.6). And what do employees say about the company? Here’s a sample of comments from the reviewers themselves:

“Their benefits packages are excellent and they truly take care of their employees… The management team worked hard to constantly improve the work environment and keep morale up. I also developed many great relationships with my fellow co-workers and learned a great deal from them.”

– Underwriter

“I like the ability to control my own pipeline and the opportunity for advancement.”

– Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

“Diverse intelligent people, and interesting challenges to solve.”

– Anonymous Employee

So what are the 20 happiest companies for new grads overall? Check out CareerBliss’ survey results below.

1) Bank of America

2) American Express

3) General Electric

4) Cisco Systems

5) AT&T

6) Accenture

7) Microsoft

8) Verizon Wireless

9) J.P. Morgan Chase

10) Intel

11) Sprint

12) Boeing

13) Hewlett-Packard

14) Dell

15) General Dynamics

16) IBM

17) Northrop Gruman

18) Lockheed Martin

19) L-3 Communications

20) Comcast

That’s right: The most popular companies and cultures aren’t always found in hipster havens, with foosball tables and lattes-on-demand to reinforce its brick-and-green power aesthetic. Here, your father’s (and grandfather’s) stock picks dominate the landscape.

While some companies, such as American Express, General Electric, and J.P. Morgan Chase, have thrived since the 19th century, they’re not exactly dinosaurs lumbering across the plains. Instead, they are organizations that have consistently distinguished themselves through service and quality, pivoted at the right time, and always remembered that the employee is ultimately the face and spirit of an organization. As a result, they strive to bring as much value to their own as they do to customers and shareholders.

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