The Happiest Cities, Jobs, And Employers For Young Professionals

Developers are among the happiest young professionals (Next Web Photos)

Developers are among the happiest young professionals (Photo: Next Web Photos)

The Best Jobs for Young Professionals

Most imagine software development to be a lonely pursuit. Developers are often jammed into a cube, creating long and repetitive strings of code to enable the smallest function. Couple that with constant change and brutal deadlines and you’d think they’d have the temperaments of postal workers. According to CareerBliss, the reality is completely the opposite. In fact, the three happiest professions – Java Developer, Enabled Software Developer, and .Net Developer all fall under this category.

Why? For starters, those jobs pay well. On the CareerBliss site, Java Developers generally earn anywhere from $60K-$110K, with software developers pocketing up to $120K and .Net Developers falling into the $50K-$100K range. A second reason: These professions provide a sense of ownership that comes when    workers can see their work made public for people to use. A final reason? According to Forbes, software development is “projected to grow a whopping 22% between 2012 and 2022.” In other words, these professionals are in demand, meaning they can determine their destiny. And what can be more empowering than that?

Here are the “happiest” jobs based on CareerBliss’ surveys:

1) Java Developer

2) Embedded Software Developer

3).Net Developer

4) Medical Technologist

5) QA Engineer

6) Credit Analyst

7) Management Consultant

8) Network Engineer

9) Data Analyst

10) Web Developer

11) Business Analyst

12) Software Developer

13) Process Engineer

14) Manufacturing Engineer

15) Process Engineer

16) Systems Administrator

17) Network Administrator

18) Accountant

19) Recruiter

20) Financial Analyst

Notice anything? Most of the jobs are STEM-related. For business majors, the most satisfying jobs are credit analyst, management consultant, business analyst, accountant, recruiter, and financial analyst. Another point? According to Forbes, young professionals ranked work environment, support, and growth opportunities as the three most important factors in their happiness based on CareerBliss’ data.

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