Report Card: How Alumni Grade Undergrad Biz Programs

How would you appraise the business program’s efforts to bring you into contact with practicing professionals, including your school’s alumni network, in the business community?

Getting face-time with current practicing professions can be huge in the early career prospects for business students. After all, the old adage of it’s all about who you know, can prove very true in the competitive business world. In terms of business programs getting their students in contact with practicing professionals in the business community, no one does it better than Notre Dame’s Mendoza College, which scored a 9.58 in the category. Mendoza is followed by Boston College’s Carroll School and Seton Hall’s Stillman School, which each scored 9.52. Once again, multiple schools passed last year’s top finisher, Virginia’s McIntire School, which recorded a 9.46 average.

The average across all schools was 8.57. Some 23 schools earned averages above 9.0, gaining grades of an “A+” or “A.” A dozen schools scored lower than 8.0, but no schools dipped below 7.0, meaning for the most part, business schools are currently doing an adequate job of getting their students connected to current professionals.

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