Report Card: How Alumni Grade Undergrad Biz Programs

Do you believe your business degree will assist you in climbing to a new socioeconomic status?

An undergraduate degree used to be a near-guaranteed ticket to climbing a socioeconomic level or two. Recently, it has become less sure, but research still shows a bachelor’s degree is generally helpful for earning more over a lifetime when compared to a high school diploma or associates degree. Which schools do alums feel most confident in taking a step up the socioeconomic ladder? The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s not totally surprising considering Wharton’s 2018 graduates had a higher average total compensation package than all other 88 schools ranked this year. The school earned a score of 9.44 in the alumni survey, finishing ahead of Georgia Tech (9.43), Michigan’s Ross School (9.42), Notre Dame’s Mendoza College (9.4), and Texas Christian University’s Neeley School (9.38).

On average, across all 88 schools, the score is 8.68, just a tick above last year’s average of 8.68. Wharton placed first in last year’s ranking as well.

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