Report Card: How Alumni Grade Undergrad Biz Programs

How accessible and willing were the school’s alumni in helping you connect with potential employers?

Like the previous alumni-related question, the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business outpaced the rest of the schools, and it wasn’t really close. Notre Dame Mendoza notched a 9.83 average and was followed once again by Boston College’s Carroll School, which scored 9.47. Virginia McIntire and William & Mary followed, tying with a 9.36. The Georgia Tech Scheller College rounded out the top five, earning a 9.32. The top two scores were an improvement on last year’s top spot, which was Notre Dame’s Mendoza College with 9.46.

This year’s average of 8.09 is an improvement on last year’s average of 7.99. Out of the 88 schools, 14 earned scores of 9.0 or higher. However, this category had the largest spread, from Notre Dame’s 9.83 to Florida Souther College, which scored an average of 5.68. Nearly half (39) of the participating schools earned less than 8.0, again, pointing to an area where schools could potentially look for room for improvement.

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