Report Card: How Alumni Grade Undergrad Biz Programs

Wisconsin professor with students

Were business school faculty available for informal discussions about grades, class topics, and expectations outside of class?

Being present in the classroom is one thing. But being available outside of the classroom and in informal settings is the next step in being an accessible and helpful mentor, which goes beyond simply being a professor and can greatly impact the future for business students. According to this year’s survey, professors at William & Mary’s Mason School make time for informal discussions outside of the classroom better than any other school. The Mason School’s Class of 2016 scored the faculty at William & Mary with a 9.88 on accessibility outside of the classroom, higher than last year’s top score of 9.76 from Notre Dame graduates.

According to Class of 2016 alums across all 88 schools, professors at the country’s best B-schools are very accessible. The average for all schools was 9.32 and all but nine schools scored 9.0 or higher. Only one school scored below 8.78.

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