2021 Report Card: How Alums Grade Their B-School Experience

How accessible and willing were the school’s alumni in helping you connect with potential employers?

It’s one thing to be connected with alums from your school. It’s another if those alums are helpful at connecting current and recently graduated students to potential employers. This year, graduates of Notre Dame rated their alumni network the best at connecting them with potential employers with a score of 9.53. It was quite a bit lower than Bucknell’s score of 9.81 last year and Notre Dame’s score of 9.83 in 2019. Wharton (9.5) and Virginia McIntire (9.39) followed and rounded out the top three.

Overall, the average of 7.87 was again less than last year’s average of 8.0. In 2019, the average across all schools was 8.09 and in 2018, it was 7.99.

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