2021 Report Card: How Alums Grade Their B-School Experience

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. Scheller photo

How well did the extra-curricular opportunities offered to you in the business program nurture and improve your skills in business?

Extra-curricular clubs and activities are not only a way to get involved on campus and create a community and friends — they can also look good on resumes or lead to networking opportunities. If done right, they can also help develop extra skills that might not be addressed in-depth in the classroom like work with cryptocurrencies or within fintech. This year, alums from Georgia Tech rated their extra-curricular activities the best in terms of improving their business skills with an average of 9.43. The score is higher than last year when Cornell University’s Dyson School a 9.37 average. Georgia Tech was followed by the University of Illinois Gies College (9.28) and Indiana Kelley (9.27).

Across all schools, the average this year was 8.32, which is down than last year’s 8.44, and 8.6 in 2019.

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