Report Card: How Alums Grade Their B-School Experience

Were business school faculty available for informal discussions about grades, class topics, and expectations outside of class?

No doubt learning goes beyond what happens in the classroom. Having accessibility to faculty members outside of the classroom are important to understanding materials and knowledge growth. Which school has the most accessible faculty this year? That’s the University of Evansville, according to 2017 graduates, which gave their alma mater a perfect 10 out of 10. It’s the only perfect score across all 17 questions this year. Last year, William & Mary had the highest score at 9.88 and the year before that it was Notre Dame with 9.76. Both Notre Dame and Virginia had 9.74 this year.

Overall, the Class of 2017 were very satisfied with the accessibility of their faculty, with an overall average of 9.22. However, the number was a dip from last year’s average of 9.32. Last year only nine schools had less than a 9.0 average and this year 18 schools were scored at less than 9.0.

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